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    Jim Prince

    ImmixRed is pleased to offer this forum for registered tour guides to ask questions, exchange ideas and information, and discuss ways to improve their experience in working with ImmixRed. To ensure that this is a productive and enjoyable forum for all users, please be sure to abide by the following forum policies:

    1. This forum is for topics of interest to all tour guides. Issues individual relating to a sale or a particular participating retailer should be not be discussed here. To ensure that such issues are dealt with promoptly, please contact ImmixRed directly.

    2. All discussion must be polite and professional.

    3. ImmixRed reserves the right to edit or delete any posts that do not comply with these guidelines. Users that violate these guidelines may have their posting privileges revoked and may, at ImmixRed’s sole discretion, be removed from the Tour Guide Program.

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