About ImmixRed


Founded in 2008, ImmixRed’s mission is to develop new types of relationships between Chinese and American businesses.

Our emphasis is, and always has been, creating innovative opportunities that offer substantial benefit to our partners with minimal risk.


In 2010, ImmixRed became one of the first companies to systematically focus on affluent Chinese consumers visiting the United States.

Our creative solutions, commitment to providing value, and professional standards have made ImmixRed the trusted advisor to many of the world’s premier luxury brands.


ImmixRed is uniquely positioned to offer its luxury partners the most accurate and current information and advice on the inbound Chinese tour market.

We know what’s happening in the inbound market because we see and measure results on a daily basis.


ImmixRed’s management includes both Chinese and American-born professionals with decades of international business experience.

This allows us to offer expert advice that comports with American business practices and client expectations.

Contact Us:

Email: jprince@immixred.com
Phone: 800.341.9488, ext. 531