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How It Works

  1. Click the button on the right to join ImmixRed’s program.
  2. Check your email and mail for welcome message, username/password and ID cards.
  3. Review and follow the program procedures.
  4. Take your customers to participating stores.
  5. Report sales to ImmixRed.
  6. Receive a check!

Click on the Register Now button above to join today or click here to contact us for more information!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q.I’m a tour guide. How do I earn commissions on my tour groups’ purchases?A.Work with us! All ImmixRed-affiliated tour guides are eligible to receive commissions. Please click here to submit a Tour Guide Information Form, or here to contact us.
  • Q.Is there any fee for tour guides to become affiliated with ImmixRed?A.No. We welcome the opportunity to work with professional tour guides. Please click on the Register Now button above to sign up today.
  • Q.Where can I earn commissions on my tour groups’ sales?A.You can earn commissions at any of our 200+ retail partner locations across the United States. Our partners include many of the world’s premier luxury brands.
  • Q.Is there any limit to the amount of commissions I can earn?A.No! If you follow ImmixRed’s procedures, you will receive commissions on every purchase made by your tour groups at participating stores. Many of our affiliated tour guides earn thousands of dollars in commissions each year.
  • Q.How many tour guides are currently participating in the program?A.More than 1,000 Chinese tour guides are currently registered and working with ImmixRed.
  • Q.What are my obligations as a tour guide?A.In order to ensure that the program works for our luxury retail partners, we require all tour guides to operate according to our Program Procedures. In addition, all tour guides must agree to the Terms & Conditions of the program in order to participate.